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Oak Natural Wood toilet Seat

ZENEDL ‘Oak’ Toilet Seat is an actual natural wooden toilet seat and not just a toilet seat with wood patterns.

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom or change the atmosphere of the bathroom, start with ZENEDL ‘Oak’ Wooden Toilet Seat Cover~
Just by a simple change of toilet seat cover into ZENEDL wooden toilet seat cover, it will add warmth to the overall bathroom atmosphere and
enjoy satisfaction and envy from visitors.

Here is an image of ZENEDL ‘Oak’ Wooden Toilet Seat Cover


Q1. Can I clean ZENEDL Wooden toilet seat cover with

A1. Yes, you can rinse it with water

ZENEDL ‘Oak’ Wooden Toilet Seat Cover is made out of water-resistant
wood (Oak glued panels + Plywood for ships + Water-based varnish)
Due to the nature of wood, it is recommended that you gently wipe with
soft cloth after rinsing with water.

Q2. Can ZENEDL Wooden Toilet Seat Cover be easily

A2. No, External Contaminants cannot penetrate easily.

ZENEDL ‘Oak’ Wooden Toilet Seat Cover is coated with water-based
varnish to prevent external contaminants and harmful substances to
human body.
Products that use oil-based coatings on items that comes in direct
contact with the skin, such as toilets, are prone to release volatile
hazardous substances such as formaldehyde and VOC's.

Q3. Does ZENEDL Wooden Toilet Seat Cover easily break?

A3. No, it is not easily damaged and very durable.

ZENEDL 'oak' wooden toilet seat cover is made of oak glued panels on the upper part and birch plywood for ships on the lower part, so it is very resilient
against breaks and cracks. Some low-cost wooden toilet seat cover sold on the market often do not withstand human weight and are easily broken after
several uses.

Q4. I am worried about germs on my ZENEDL wooden toilet seat cover. Can I use Clorox to clean it?

A4. Clorox is not a good cleaning material for wooden toilet seat cover.

It is recommended to use disinfecting alcohol to clean instead of Clorox.

Q5. How should I maintain ZENEDL Wooden Toilet Seat Cover?

A5. It would be best to use natural furniture wax for woods to maintain it once a month.

Use natural furniture wax for woods once a month, and wipe it gently with soft cloth to maintain its new looks for a long time.
It takes 3 ~ 6 hours to dry completely, so it is recommended for cleaning around late evening before going to bed.

Q6. What is better about ZENEDL Wooden Toilet Seat Cover than regular plastic toilet seat cover?

A6. ZENEDL ‘Oak’ Wooden Toilet Seat Cover does not emit environmental hormones that are harmful to the human body.
During the winter times, it is warmer than the plastic toilet seat cover. Just by the simple addition of wooden toilet seat
cover, you can convert the atmosphere of the bathroom in a luxurious manner.

ZENEDL ‘Oak’ Wooden Toilet Seat has “slow close hinge’ function to prevent any accidents or noise caused by sudden closing of the toilet cover.

Regular Toilet seat Installation Reference Video

Easy install type toilet seat Installation Reference Video

ZENEDL ‘Oak’ Wooden Toilet Seat Cover Packaging