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Gallery Drying Rack

Window mounting system using hidden space

It can move freely along the window rail
It can move freely along the window rail,
so it will not affect the opening of the window
and allow for full usage of the space.

Gallery Drying Rack can be adjusted to various angles(50˚/ 70˚/ 90˚)

Drying Rack can be expanded to dry large sheets and comforters.

Wooden Drying Rack is coated with varnish
that protects the wood from wet laundry.

Drying Rack’s Northern European design adds elegance
to the overall household atmosphere.

When not in use, close the Gallery door,
and it will become a beautiful window shade.

It can be easily installed by anyone.

Use the height adjustment rod to attach it to the window, then turn the fix lever. Very Simple!

* Please refer to product manual for details.

Please check the dimension.

*Gallery Drying Rack can be installed on windows that are 190cm~240cm in height.

Package Dimension: L 2150 x W 830 x D 170(mm) / Product Dimension: L 2060 x W 715 x D 88 (mm) / Gross Weight: 19kg

There is a built-in Window Roller System developed by ZENEDL at the bottom of aluminum frame.
It is designed to fit U-rail/Home Rail/Flat Rail on windows.

6 Patents / 3 Design Patents / 1 PCT International

* This product is protected by domestic and international patent and design laws,
  and the manufacture and distribution of similar products may be liable to civil and criminal law suits.

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